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photo restoration


Add color to black and white photos       Add or remove people from photos

Repair sun damage                                   Remove cracks and creases

Repair torn corners                                  Crop and resize

Repair water damage                               Change  hair colour / remove greys

                                                                Red eye & blemish removal

restoration 1 repair 1b final framed 1 restoration 2 for web final framed 3 club 1a club 2b final framed 6 club 2b

Schwyz wedding day December 26th 1945 Switzerland. Photo is badly faded with loss of detail with parts of the image missing before restoration took place.

This photograph was problematic in that the image taken in the 1950's had been carried around in a wallet for over forty years and over time the photograph became scratched and eventually the image was torn into two sections with the middle of the photograph completely missing. Image was badly colour faded with a lot of detail missing before restoration took place.

Scene from Salvador,South America 1978. Image was very washed out with lack of contrast and poor detail quality. Client wanted debris on the ground removed, and the photo returned to its original sepia tone along with a B/W copy.

This happy family party in 1960, had the moment captured perfectly on film but over time the photograph became badly water damaged resulting in discolouration, loss of image detail, creasing of photograph, and 80% staining. Restoration revived the photograph back to its near original state in 1960.

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                                                                      Elisabeth Schmidt - 1978


My friends and myself at Salvador - Bahia Carnival in the 70's. Great pic and well done, David........Elisabeth Schmidt 2018

restoration poster sharpened BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO 9 BECOMES 11 club 2b